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ChangeSchool and King’s College London deliver prestigious £1.2M Executive Education programme for Further Education sector transformation

Updated: 4 days ago

October 2021

ChangeSchool and King’s College London jointly secured a multi-year Executive Education contract from the Education and Training Foundation (ETF). This prestigious £1.2 million initiative, now in its third year, is driving transformation within the Further Education (FE) sector through the T Levels Professional Development Programme (TLPD), commissioned by the UK government's Department for Education (DfE).

The TLPD programme is designed to cultivate a new cadre of leaders equipped with the skills necessary to navigate and implement the government’s groundbreaking T-level education curriculum across FE colleges in England.

Specifically tailored for leaders including principals, vice principals, and assistant principals, the programme focuses on developing essential skills to manage the transformative change required for successful T-level implementation.

Initially awarded for four cohorts over two years, the programme's success has led to its extension to a total of eight cohorts. This expansion reflects the programme's efficacy in empowering FE leaders to drive impactful change within their institutions and underpins ChangeSchool’s commitment to foster excellence and innovation within the UK education landscape.


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