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ChangeSchool empowers 5 years of entrepreneurial capacity and capability development across 5 countries in Central Asia through the British Council's Creative Spark programme

Updated: 4 days ago

October 2022

Over the period of 2018-2022, ChangeSchool helped foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Central Asia through its delivery of seven partnership programmes under the British Council's Creative Spark grant funding. Spanning five central Asian countries—Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan—these initiatives aimed to assist higher education institutions in developing non-academic entrepreneurship programmes for their students.

ChangeSchool trained 130 entrepreneurship faculty mentors and over 2297 young entrepreneurs across various sectors including digital, creative, and social entrepreneurship. The impact of the programme was further highlighted by the recognition of 14 national winners in pitching competitions in 2019 and 9 national winners in 2020, with some recipients receiving bespoke mentoring opportunities in the UK.

This successful partnership exemplified ChangeSchool's ability to scale up delivery across diverse regions with varying technological landscapes and experience levels. Through a facilitative and participative approach, ChangeSchool demonstrated its capacity to deliver impactful multi-region programmes, driving positive change and fostering entrepreneurship on a global scale.


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