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Neil Marshall addresses Lord Mayor's Coffee Colloquies on Education and Workforce Planning

Updated: 4 days ago

April 2024

Neil Marshall, Development Director at ChangeSchool, was honoured to speak at Mansion House today for the Lord Mayor’s Coffee Colloquies, organized by British Expertise International and The D Group.

During the event, Neil Marshall, discussed the pivotal role of education, scientific research, and workforce planning in advancing the UK's capabilities to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 9. The occasion also marked the soft launch of ChangeSchool's Education Report on System Strengthening, set for official release on May 22nd.

ChangeSchool extends its gratitude to the Lord Mayor of London for hosting the event, and to British Expertise International and The D Group for organising and inviting us.

Stay tuned for the release of the BEI Education Report on May 22nd, promising insightful findings for the education sector.



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