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ChangeSchool successfully delivers Royal Academy of Engineering's Leaders in Innovation Fellowships Programme (LIF) Global 2022

Updated: 4 days ago

July 2022

ChangeSchool proudly served as the delivery partner for the prestigious £700k Royal Academy of Engineering's BEIS-funded Leaders in Innovation Fellowships (LIF) programme – a premier global engineering technology accelerator – aimed at fostering global engineering technology acceleration.

The LIF Global 2022 initiative, spanned ten countries including Brazil, Barbados, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Romania, and Malaysia – driving innovation and entrepreneurship across diverse regions.

The cohort was a remarkable success, with entrepreneurs self-reporting investments totalling $2.3M and a significant 42% increase in turnover, underscoring the programme’s effectiveness in fostering tangible outcomes and driving economic growth.

With an average attendance rate of 93% across all formats, including virtual sessions, and an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +86, the LIF Global 2022 delivery surpassed expectations, garnering high praise and satisfaction from participants.


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