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ChangeSchool delivers workshop on 'Overcoming Ranking Fatigue' at Keio University, Tokyo

June 2023

Professor Marie Lall, Chair of Education Policy and South Asia Studies at UCL Institution of Education and Academic Lead of Higher Education at ChangeSchool, recently conducted a workshop at Keio University, Tokyo.

Titled 'Overcoming the Ranking Fatigue,' the workshop aimed to address the recent slip in international university rankings and explore innovative approaches to enhance higher education practices.

Attended by the senior leadership team of Keio University, including all vice presidents, the workshop emphasized upstream activities to improve research and teaching excellence, rather than focusing solely on ranking outcomes. Co-facilitated by Dr. Licia Proserpio from the University of Bologna, the session provided a platform for exploring structural changes to incentivise wider academic community participation and drive positive change in Japanese higher education.

Stay tuned for more updates on ChangeSchool's ongoing initiatives and engagements!


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