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Entrepreneurship education

Higher Education, Executive Education, Entrepreneurial Education
Award winning delivery
Higher Education, Executive Education, Entrepreneurial Education

ChangeSchool, in partnership with King's College London won Silver Award with the European Foundation of Management Development (EFMD) and their Excellence in Practice Awards in the category of Talent Development the Silver award 

We have built an entrepreneurial mindset for promising innovators across the globe to help them commercialise their innovation, create impact and build sustainable ventures.


We create “entrepreneurial universities” that generate a pipeline of translational research, start-ups and spinouts.

You can see case studies of projects in the next section 

Training and Mentoring Entrepreneurs

Innovators are rarely entrepreneurs, so valuable technologies fail to make an impact on society and their SDG aspirations. ChangeSchool train and mentor technology entrepreneurs from 17 countries to shift their mindsets, build sustainable business and launch innovations to market. We also help build extensive international networks growth and scaling

Training entrepreneurs

Building Communities

Alumni of programmes are sources of support, advocacy and talent for businesses, universities, and programmes. ChangeSchool drives engagement programmes to build thriving communities of interest and practice, for clients in the UK, SSA, Latin America and Southeast Asia

Building Communities

Entrepreneurial systems leadership

Creating decent jobs for the youth are high on national agendas. ChangeSchool works with the leadership teams of HEIs, ecosystems and foundations to transform entrepreneurial education, support, and teaching practices to transform graduate capabilities to be start-up and 21-century skills job ready.

Entreprenurial System Thinking

Entrepreneurial systems thinking

Graduate entrepreneurship programmes fail to make traction due to unsupportive ecosystems. In Sub-Saharan Africa, through our Centre of Excellence we cultivate systems thinking across 24 international higher education partnerships to share working practices, facilitate knowledge exchange and transformative learning experiences to transform the entrepreneurial success of graduates.

Graduate Transformative Learning

Entrepreneurial University

Universities excel in research and education but often fail to commercialize due to market understanding gaps, leading to missed opportunities worth billions of dollars. ChangeSchool has ran national level entrepreneurial university award programmes to inspire, guide, and recognise universities that demonstrate leadership and progress in driving student enterprise activity, embracing commercialisation of IP and developing 21st-century job skills for their graduates.

Entreprenurial university



Florencia Riswanto

"I had a bootcamp with MIT – the time here is a lot better
organised, we have a lot more time here [London]. The content
is similar, but this was more engaging.”

LIF6 Fellow



Jesus 'Chuy'Cepeda

“A perfect way and timing to reset, revisit and reframe OS City’s value proposition in an after-covid world.   Without LIF, we wouldn’t be feeling so confident of the way ahead.”

LIF Global 2022


Abeer Albashiti

“[The] LIF programme was a turning point for me.   I was almost quitting my start-up, but after the residential, the virtual accelerator and this in-country event, these programmes equipped me with a new skill set and mindset to move forward with my project.”

LIF6 Fellow



Wendy Leong

“LIF Global is a life-changing programme.   It makes you think about how you position yourself as a businessperson, how you see your product or service and how you see yourself”

LIF Global 2022


Selected Projects

Training and mentoring  technology entrepreneurs: 17 countries

Entrepreneurial Systems Leadership: Malaysia

Developing vibrant communities of alumni: Global

Entrepreneurial university awards: Uzbekistan

Videos from our entrepreneurship education programmes



United Kingdom

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